Where and How to Bridge the EU Biotech Funding Gap

May 8, 2017

How and where do venture capital organizations fit into the scientific research community and biotechnology business community in Europe? A Partner in the investment firm Life Science Partners, Dr. Joep Muijrers participated in the panel discussion on Innovative Funding Models which focused on innovative cures at DIA’s first BioVenture Day, presented March 2017 in Glasgow. “You reach a certain critical mass but you need more cash to take that over the hill to become a clinical company with a couple of products in clinical development – there’s a huge gap there. And it’s not only for private companies, it is also the case for earlier stage public companies in Europe,” Dr. Muijrers explains in this exclusive Global Forum podcast. “I would be a strong advocate of additional funding being made available – for example, by the European Union – to bridge that gap, which is very apparent.” Learn more about these topics at our Value & Regulatory Strategy Workshop in Europe.


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