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R2D2 Aligning Regulatory and HTA Review to Quicken Patient Access

December 14, 2020

In 2017, Health Canada launched the Regulatory Review of Drugs and Devices (R2D2) initiative with the goal of creating a regulatory system that provides greater and faster access to therapeutic products aligned with Canada's healthcare system needs. “One of our greatest achievements was setting up an aligned review process where a manufacturer can make a drug submission to the regulator and make a submission to health technology assessment at about the same time,” explains Megan Bettle, Director General, COVID-19 Regulatory Response Team at Health Canada. “By doing this, we're still making independent decisions but it's allowed those two separate processes to be brought together so you no longer have a prolonged regulatory review, HTA review, you have decisions being made much closer in time. It's making it more efficient for drugs to actually get to patients who need them.”

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