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EU Business and Data Needs Converge Through Telematics

February 17, 2020

Telematics has evolved since the first joint HMA/EMA Telematics strategy in 2014. “The vision for EU telematics is an IT collaboration that will deliver cost-effective, efficient, and interoperable services to the European regulators and to its stakeholders,” suggests Bernd Misselwitz, Director and Regional Head, Regulatory Submission Management, Bayer AG (Germany). “Maybe from an IT perspective, it was the technical problem first and business was second; now that you've seen how people want to get value out of it, it's starting to shift where the business problem comes first,” explains Vada A. Perkins, Executive Director, Regulatory Policy & Intelligence at Bayer Pharmaceuticals (Global). Vada and Bernd will help lead the DIA Europe 2020 session Telematics Strategy in the EU: Global & Regional Considerations for 2020-2025.