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Different Roots, Shared Fruits: FDA-EMA Collaboration

June 8, 2017

Growing globalization of supply chains, patient recruitment and clinical trials has made cooperation among the world’s regulatory agencies more important than ever. In this exclusive Global Forum podcast, Dr. Sandra Kweder, Deputy Director in the FDA Office of International Programs’ Europe Office, and FDA’s Liaison to the European Medicines Agency, discusses regulatory collaboration in the modern health care product ecosystem. “My role specifically is to bring our two agencies together. That’s my job,” she explains. “My job operates at many levels. One is to provide someone onsite at EMA to help EMA understand FDA. We do the same things but our systems could not be more different. At the same time, my job is to observe EMA and try to translate EMA back to my FDA colleagues. Simply because we have arisen from different roots, we often approach the same thing from different angles.” Dr. Kweder will be featured speaker in several DIA 2017 Global Annual Meeting sessions.

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