DIA: Driving Insights to Action

DIA Promoting Community, Pushing Back Misinformation

April 16, 2021

How has DIA responded to its communities’ educational and informational needs during the pandemic? “We've always gotten our inspiration and our motivation and our energy from working together, whether it's with our own team on projects or with subject matter experts and key opinion leaders in our stakeholder community. So that reuniting of the community is really central in our minds right now,” explains DIA Global Chief Executive Barbara Lopez Kunz. “One of the things that you're going to hear at the Global Annual Meeting coming up in June is this whole topic of misinformation. We've had this topic of anti-vaccine commentary in public spaces in our minds, and many of the people around the world in the regulatory community have asked me and our team to help address this. You're going to hear us talking about how we combat misinformation so that people actually understand what's going on in health and how they can protect themselves.” 

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