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Blockchain, AI and Other Radical Drivers of Biopharmaceutical Innovation

April 6, 2017

As Head of Clinical Innovation, Global Product Development, at Pfizer, Craig Lipset works with artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and other radical technologies that will improve tomorrow’s biopharmaceutical development process today. From this perspective, he is exceptionally qualified to chair the Radical Technologies: Changing the Future of Biopharmaceuticals DIAmond Session at DIA’s 2017 Global Annual Meeting this June. “Once upon a time, it was almost considered absurd that a large pharmaceutical company would give up their data farms and allow clinical trial data to exist in cloud-based systems outside of their physical control,” Craig suggests. “When we think about technologies in our studies, I’m excited at how that feels more and more like co-developing – as we engage patients earlier and earlier in the process of thinking about the tools that are most meaningful to them.” Register to attend DIA’s 2017 Global Annual Meeting!