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Patient Partners: Power That Rests in Us All

July 26, 2017

We see and hear many different terms, such as patient-centricity and patient engagement, in current conversations about incorporating the patient perspective in health care product development. Do they all mean the same thing? What’s the difference? “These are new partners in research. Patient-centricity, patient engagement, patient partnerships, patient-powered, patient-led, patient-driven, and patient preferences – a wealth of terms to describe this new relationship with individuals who are going to help the product developers of tomorrow understand: What is clinically meaningful? What are outcomes that matter?” explains Debra Lappin, Head of the Health Biosciences Practice for FaegreBD Consulting, in this Global Forum podcast. “I think ‘partnership’ is my favorite. A partnership recognizes that two parties come together, each with equal contributions to the end.” Learn more about these topics at DIA's Metrics for Patient-Centered Drug Development Conference.