HHS Final Rule: Good Data Shared Well Leads to Great Science

July 26, 2017

The Department of Health & Human Services’ Final Rule on Clinical Trials Registration and Results Information Submission, issued in September 2016, will profoundly impact the conduct of clinical research in the US. Dr. Marla Jo Brickman (Senior Director for Clinical Data Transparency, and Compassionate Access Lead, Pfizer) serves on the program committee for DIA's Clinical Trial Disclosure and Data Transparency Conference and explains in this Global Forum podcast how this conference will help those working to implement this Rule. “We’re now getting to the point, not only at my company but at other companies, where we’re sharing data, researchers are getting their presentations and their manuscripts, and the benefits of the data sharing are becoming more prevalent and obvious,” says Dr. Brickman. “That’s what’s exciting: When this started, people didn’t know what to make of it. Now we’re seeing the fruits of the past couple years, where we’re really getting some good science as a result of this data sharing initiative.”


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