Transparency Essential to Payers’ New Role in EU

May 3, 2017

The International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM) is the international umbrella organization of non-profit healthcare payers, health mutuals and health insurance funds, and defends access to health care for all through solidarity-based and non-profit healthcare coverage. AIM Executive Director Menno Aarnout was one of the panelists featured at DIA’s first BioVenture Day and in this exclusive Global Forum podcast discusses the ongoing evolution of biotechnology – as science, and as business – in Europe. “Payers have become more and more interested in the development process. They see expensive drugs coming their way, they see aging societies, they see reducing funds and increasing overall health care costs, and they feel the need to be more involved in that development process,” he explains. “There is discussion about what is our role in the development process: How can we understand that better and how can we create, for ourselves and for industry, more predictability, more certainty, about what’s going on?” Learn more about these topics at our Value & Regulatory Strategy Workshop in Europe.


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