Lack of Access Can Lock Patients in “Disease of Despair”

May 12, 2017

Founder of the Melanoma Patient Network Europe (MPNE), Dr. Bettina Ryll contributed the patient perspective to the session Immuno-Oncology: Therapeutic Breakthrough Area or Nightmare for Health Care Funding at DIA’s first BioVenture Day in Europe. In this exclusive Global Forum podcast, Dr. Ryll shares the challenges to patient-centric drug development and patient access to those drugs in Europe. “Melanoma as a disease has completely changed. We’ve moved from one with no hope, a disease full of despair where patients had a median survival of six to nine months after being diagnosed, to one where all of a sudden we have survivors and we’re discussing the possibility of a cure!” she explains. “This is how we as the MPNE got interested in the process of innovation: How do we get to these new therapies? Now, in the next step, how do we actually make them accessible for our patients? Because a drug that is just sitting on a shelf that we cannot access is as good as non-existent for patients.” Learn more by attending Challenges and Issues in Early-Phase Oncology Trials, Evolution of Novel Registration Endpoints as Diseases Become Chronic and other sessions at our DIA 2017 Global Annual Meeting.


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