EuroMeeting Co-Chair Envisions “Continuous Loop” from Bench to Bedside and Back

February 13, 2017

Dr. Susan Forda serves as Vice President of International Regulatory Affairs for Eli Lilly & Company Limited in the UK. She also contributes her expertise to various committees for the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and will serve as Co-Chair for DIA’s EuroMeeting 2017. In this interview with DIA Global Forum Editor Dr. Alberto Grignolo, Dr. Forda explains her perspective on health care and regulatory challenges facing Europe and on the EuroMeeting theme, From Bench to Bedside and Back. “This theme is really important at this juncture because we know that patients are increasingly taking an active role in their health care, and this connectivity is enabled by rapid improvements in technology – for instance, through the immediate availability of credible information in the palm of our hands,” she suggests. “The patient can provide access to knowledge that no one else does.” To learn more, register for our DIA EuroMeeting 2017 in Glasgow!


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