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Biosimilars’ Good News for Patients

September 27, 2017

Because they require no R&D investment, biosimilars – nearly identical copies of a biologic therapy that can be marketed when the original’s patent expires – can make these therapies available at reduced costs. This makes biosimilars very attractive to financially overburdened health care systems (and to patients). Dr. Cecil Nick has worked for more three decades in global clinical development and regulatory affairs, and will chair DIA’s Biosimilars 2017 Conference. “I think this is going to be the most exciting biosimilars event ever,” he explains in this Global Forum conference preview. “It’s not just a question of tracking through issues that the audience has heard many, many times before, but really delving into the really critical issues that are evolving as biosimilars are developing, as we’re gaining more experience, and as the regulations are evolving.”